We are currently looking for speakers for our 2020 event,

Sharing Hope; Stories of Recovery.


A Fundraiser to Benefit:

Beneficiaries for 2020 event TBD​

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Date for 2020 event TBD.

Realtors for Recovery is proud to be partnering with Rotary District 7780 Recovery Initiative in this fundraising event.


Rotary District 7780 Recovery Initiative organizes seminars that educate the community on the dangers of opioids, supports education campaigns in public schools, and raises money to train recovery coaches who assist those living with substance use disorder.



All too often, in conversation, we hear about a suicide or overdose resulting in death due to Substance Use Disorder. The heart-breaking stories of families torn apart and lives shattered are heard whenever the topic of opioids is discussed. Everyone knows of someone whose life has been affected by this epidemic.

According to the CDC, 70,237 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in 2017. Opioids—mainly synthetic opioids (other than methadone)—are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths. Opioids were involved in 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017 (67.8% of all drug overdose deaths).

Sharing Hope: Stories of Recovery is the opposite of these statistics. These are the stories of individuals who in their own way have found the path to recovery. We’ll hear from those who have fought through pain and trauma to reach a place of light and joy. They’ll reach out to us with two arms and surround us with love to comfort and inspire.

Tonight, they’ll share their stories of hope. They’ll show us that recovery is possible.


Evening hosted by Ritchie Farrell - Filmmaker, author, WGA screenwriter and motivational speaker living in Milford, NH.


Award-winning poet turning his words into hope for those struggling with addiction.

A woman in long-term recovery who has dedicated her life to helping others.

Former Patriots football player working to spread awareness to the perils of drug and alcohol use.


Singer/Songwriter sharing his music in an effort to reach others battling addiction