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Help Those in Addiction
across New Hampshire

When you give to help those who need it most you are giving your heart. Those living with substance use disorder in New Hampshire will have a way to start a new life before its too late. 

Every year 47,000 people die from an overdose. The number is much greater for death caused by addiction. Imagine the entire Vietnam war happening every year. 

Help Realtors for Recovery put the pieces of a broken life back together. 

Make a Donation

We are looking to break records of fundraising in New Hampshire to help those suffering from the opiate crisis. We want to provide scholarships to providers that can put the person suffering from addiction on the right path.

Become a Sponsor

We are looking for local businesses in New Hampshire that want to partner with a purpose.  Have your business featured on our website and social media posts. We will create a graphic specifically for your company to use when promoting this cause.

Participate in a Current Initiative

Follow us on social media to stay informed about NH residents rallying together to raise funds and fight for our community.

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